How we work

Ntsal stands for personal relationships and long-term cooperation with decision-makers and doers in top management.


As a team.

We love to tackle things together as a team and to take matters into our own hands

We work closely with our client organizations together. Our teams consist of at least 50% senior consultants with several years of professional experience and expertise. Less 'pyramid', more 1:1 ratio.

Flexible and agile.

We follow a structured approach in our collaboration as a team and with our clients

Nevertheless, we are aware that parameters can change - be it in strategic planning or even the overall market conditions. Therefore, we always remaine flexible and can adapt our approach to changing requirements on the fly, even without changing the contract. Our approach is agile - all our consultants are certified Scrum Masters and know when to use which project method to achieve the best results.

Based on trust.

We focus on long-term relationships.

We love short and direct communication channels and pick up the phone instead of writing long e-mails. We are direct and honest - and expect the same from our clients. For us, this is the basis of a client-consultant relationship built on trust.

fact based.

Our recommendations and advice for action are based on sound analyses and are always fact-based.

If such facts are not available, we create them ourselves: Our consultants do not hesitate to spend the morning mystery shopping or conducting interviews with sales staff. In the afternoon, we build integrated data models and macroeconomic forecasts. At night we relax - so that our consultants can give 100% day after day.


We do not count hours. We do not count days.

After an initial effort estimate, we are only interested in the common goal. That is what we deliver. Quality takes time, here we do not compromise. Speed and efficiency come from experience - which we bring to the table. In this way we deliver the result.

With more than just PowerPoint.

More than half of our team grew up with Excel, PowerPoint and think-cell - but we‘re capable of much more.

We integrate deliverables into our clients' workflow. It can happen that no more than 20 slides are created during an entire project - and all deliverables flow directly into Jira, Confluence, Miro, Asana and/ or Slack. Our results are not defined by endless presentations with multiple appendices- our clients appreciate that.

Without hierarchies.

With us, everyone is there for everyone else. Everyone does what they do best, to create maximum value

Whether by phone, email, WhatsApp or LinkedIn - each of our consultants is available for our clients and colleagues. Titles play a surprisingly and refreshingly subordinate role. Perhaps one day we will be the first strategic consultancy to do away with them altogether.


Strategic projects sometimes cannot be developed in 10 weeks - sometimes you need more, sometimes less support.

We are flexible yet realisticly honest in our approach. Successful collaboration is more important than short-term KPI maximization. We see ourselves as a long-term partner of our clients (and our employees).