Ntsal - Independent Design & Branding Studio

what we do___       

we translate brand stories into visual identities

we’re interdisciplinary___

we do branding_ packaging_ web design_ digital design_ ui & ux_ events & festivals_ brochures_ mastervisuals_ custom types_ maps_ 


We are an independant design
& branding studio, based in Cairo.

we’re young ___

since Jan’19

but fairly experienced ___

we worked on real estate_ medical_ sports_ educational_ fmcg_ financial services_ governmental_ entertainment_ tourism_ ubran_ retail_cultural_ telecom_

Launched__  Dec 2019

Middle East
Music Event

// Brand Identity and Event Theme
branding   digital

A 3-day music festival with a lineup of 20 bands from the Middle-East.
9 + 10 + 11 January 2020 At Cairo, Zed Park.
Music // Middle East // Live Performance // Custom Type

Client : Nacelle & Ora Developments
Design Team : Nada Sultan | Nardine Shenouda
Website design by : Yasmine Nagui

Launched__  Oct 2019

Squash Tournament

// Brand Identity and Event Theme
branding   |  digital 

World Championship 2019/2020 & CIB Egyptian Squash Open Men’s PSA Platinum
24 October 2019 - 1 November 2019 At The
Great Pyramids of Giza
Squash // Ancient Egypt // Pyramids // Sports

Client : CIB
Design Team : Nardine Shenouda | Maged Elsokkary | Laura George | Vina Olfert | Nada Sultan
Website & App Design by : Yasmine Nagui

Launched__  Dec 2019

Zed Football

// Brand Identity

ZED ElSheikh Zayed Football Club branding
Sports // football club // ZED // Soccer

Client : Ora Developers
Design : Nardine Shenouda

Launched__  Nov 2019

Dar AlTeb

// New Brand Identity
branding  |  digital

Gynecology & In Vitro Fertilisation Hospital Branding Medical // IVF

Client : Dar Alteb Hospital

Branding : Nardine Shenouda, Maged ElSokkary, Nada Sultan, Laura George 
Website Design : Yasmine Nagui 
Animation : Nada Ali & Kareem Moheeb

Launched__  Mar 2019


// Medical Lab Brand Identity

Medical Laboratory Branding inspired from the bacteria formation under the microscope.
Bacteria // Medical // Lab Tests // Organic

Client : Medpark Labs

Branding : Nardine Shenouda & Laura George

Launched__  Apr 2019

Alexandria International Academy

// School Brand Identity
branding   |  digital

Alexandria International Academy Branding & The way we learn Exhibition
// School Branding // Education // Exhibition

Client : Modon Developments

Branding : Nardine Shenouda & Laura George
Website design : Yasmine Nagui
Event Curator : Alia Sabry

Launched__  Feb 2019

Hair Gel

// Packaging Design

A very local hair gel brand for teenage boys.
Kitchy // Local // Young

Client : Cosmopolitan

Design: Nardine Shenouda

Ntsal - Independent Design & Branding Studio

The Team 

Design Director & CoFounder _____


︎︎︎ see the work here

Former design director and creative lead of the design & branding unit at J. Walter Thompson Cairo. Having worked with clients of local and international backgrounds I understand the need to attract and connect with a diverse range of audience. I’ve decided to withdraw from the giants module to approach the design process in a more personal way where I can spot the opportunities and create more relevant brand identities.
Digital Designer _____


︎︎︎ see the work here

With a little over 4 years of experience in the field of digital design and brand identity, I aim to create interfaces and identities that are both effective, interactive, and technology-driven. I’m passionate about creating design with a purpose, and building brands based on strategic research.
Graphic Designer  _____


︎︎︎ see the work here

A freshly graduated visual communicator (graphic designer) with an interest in branding, visual experimentation and command c, command v.

Junior Graphic Designer  _____


︎︎︎ see the work here

Newly graduated graphic designer/illustrator/amateur photographer. In a committed relationship with Adobe Software Programs. Passionate about branding, typography and editorial design, even though they drive me crazy sometimes, but we windup well in the end. Love whatever that this vintage or minimal. If I'm not sitting on a desk designing something, you'll probably find me with my cat and dog.

Junior Digital Designer  _____


︎︎︎ see the work here

I'm a designer, an artist at heart and a researcher; a firm believer in honest and purposeful creations and a documentation fanatic. I am a very active person who is easily adaptable to new contexts. My focus now is shifting towards design education and design research as gateways to more future advancements.
Moral Support Pup  _____


I’m a cute high-maintenance puppy and I also double as a low-budget doorbell because I yell at everyone who knocks on the door.  I just eat treats at the studio.

Iconia_ 16 Mohammed Thaqeb_ 8th floor_ N812
Zamalek_ Cairo_ Egypt