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We are a multinational strategy consultancy, building on more than a decade of experience.

Our concepts are unique and customized. While we spend a significant amount of time thinking through our recommendations, we love building practical solutions that work.

Our global footprint of experience spans over 20 countries on 4 continents.

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We are experts in what we do.
Everything else, we will not offer.



Fact-based guidance, clear recommendation and performance-based implementation

Setting the foundation: purpose, mission, vision and values

Developing 3/5-year corporate strategies incl. implementation support and budgeting cycles

Cross-border expansion

Commercial growth strategies

Investment strategies for public & private entities

M&A buy and sell side support, commercial due diligence

FDI attraction strategies for SWF's and IPA's

Organization alignment on corporate/group strategy

Employee engagement strategies

Customer experience and engagement strategies


Value Creation

Creative and innovative ideas driven by customer preferences and global mega trends

New business models for existing solutions and offering

Developing new products

Developing holistic customer value propositions

Innovation lab's: design, set-up and built

Develop governance frameworks around value streams

Creating innovation processes end-to-end

Designing holistic industry ecosystems on a corporate and country level

Value chain refactoring for disruptive business models

Design mutual beneficial public-private partnerships

Develop behavioural segmentation and customer personas



Pricing models, metrics and levels based on analytics, forecasting and behavioral research

Formulating monetization strategies

Develop product and pricing strategies

Product portfolio optimization

Develop offering structure (bundling, subscription etc.)

2-sided marketplace monetization

Re-pricing of existing products

Redesign of price metric and models

Launch pricing for innovations

Market research on value drivers, price elasticities, buying journeys, decision patterns

We are agnostic by nature.

Our preferred clients

Large corporates

Mid-size companies
Those who want to become a unicorn
Investment companies and funds
Sector experience


Prefers not to state

Everything we can tell our kids

Our Promise


by experience.

Quality needs time, this is what we will never compromise. Speed comes by experience. This is what we acquired.


even if it hurts.

We say bluntly what we are convinced of will be the best for you and your business. Even if it hurts.


no questions asked.

Facts change, preferences as well. If you see a reason to change the direction or scope for our engagement, we are with you – no questions asked.


here to stay.

We are here to stay. Building long lasting relationships, we are accountable for what we do and say.

We will help you implement our recommendations. We want to see you succeed, and are happy to have some skin in the game.

est. 2018

We deliver the perfect mix of strategy, design & technology.

Our work is sustainable. We develop concepts that work, identities that stand out and technologies that live.

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︎  Bonn, Germany
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