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Suez Canal
Economic Zone


A visual identity that marks the map with a total of 6 Ports and 4 Industrial Zones.
A project reflecting the diversity of what our country's land has to offer.

scope __

rebranding + visual identity + brand architecture

sector __

public sector + industrial

client __


Design __

Nardine + Yasmine + Nada + Lama + Farida

SC zone

SC zone

Using coordinates to navigate, one is always certain of reaching the desired destination. Coordinates do not change, are accurate and are dependable.

Ours are the markings of the map to the Suez Canal Economic Zone. A project bringing forth a new era where the Suez Canal is no longer just a gateway for passing ships, it is a wholistic integration of various streams that lead to the one destination for trade, investment, sustainable growth and purpose.

marquee marquee marquee
Sub-logos for SCZONE’s 6 Ports & 4 Industrial Zones, a fully integrated brand identity
SCZONE’s targeted industries in their custom iconography
Cover design featuring the release of the new brand identity for the annual report of 2020
Brand applications & communication material for internal & external use
Al Massar Newsletter, SCZONE’s internal publication
2021 Calendar, showcasing the diversity of SCZONE destination
Stationary design system for all print material
Press Release Flyer
have a safe trip :)