Launched__  Jan 2020

The Sovereign
Fund of Egypt

// Brand Architecture & Visual Identity
About the project
Brand Identity for the Sovereign Fund of Egypt
Financial Services // Private Equity // Ancient Egypt Temples

Client : The Sovereign Fund of Egypt
Design Team : Nardine Shenouda | Farida Mazhar
Website Design by : Yasmine Nagui | Lama Ahmed

“Rich history”, “Cradle of Civilization”, “first civilization”, “7000 years of historical magnificence” are all phrases most used to reference our nation’s vast history and splendor. Although all are true, Egypt is a nation that is not just a historical marvel that included ancient Pharaohs , Sultans and Kings. Our nation still enjoys an immense amount of wealth. Our wealth does not just stem from a rich history that has been dictated through the roads built throughout the past 7 millennia, but also through the paths being built today.
A common misconception of ancient Egypt is that pharaohs built temples with the sole purpose of catering to their spiritual beliefs of the time. This is perhaps an incomplete perception. Granted, worship was among the reasons behind the building of temples however, the main purpose was to have these temples be the Centre of power, or the nations capital. Where the country’s most valuable treasures are all placed in the various chambers within the temple for safe keeping.
Furthermore, these temples were meant to represent the “First part of the land that is going to grow and expand” Where the physical space occupied by the temple resembling the first step of a prosperous growing land and borders. Staying true to our roots and following our forefathers traditions, we take the reigns and drive into our future with the creation of “the Sovereign Fund of Egypt”. This will be our vehicle to consolidate our nations financial wealth. It is also our first step in how we will manage and expand our nation’s economy.

The Logo


Our logo icon is the representation of these treasury and storage chambers within the hypostyle hall of the temple. Standing on various pillars of the economy.
Crypts are these anatomical structures that are narrow but deep invaginations into a larger structure, for safe keeping.

Sectors & Sub Funds Architecture


We used the djed pillar as the carrier of the sub funds architecture. The djed is a unique type of pillar, it is an ancient Egyptian symbol for stability which features prominently in Egyptian art and architecture throughout the country’s history. it is believed that the djed is a symbol of the pharaoh’s backbone.