what we do_     

we translate brand stories into visual identities

we’re interdisciplinary_

we do branding_ packaging_ web design_ digital design_ ui & ux_ events & festivals_ brochures_ mastervisuals_ custom types_ maps_ 


We are an independant design
& branding studio, based in Cairo.

we’re young _

since Jan’19

but fairly experienced _

we worked on real estate_ medical_ sports_ educational_ fmcg_ financial services_ governmental_ entertainment_ tourism_ ubran_ retail_cultural_ telecom_ cosmetics_

Ntsal - Independent Design & Branding Studio

The Team 

Design Director & CoFounder _


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Former design director and creative lead of the design & branding unit at J. Walter Thompson Cairo. Having worked with clients of local and international backgrounds I understand the need to attract and connect with a diverse range of audience. I’ve decided to withdraw from the giants module to approach the design process in a more personal way where I can spot the opportunities and create more relevant brand identities.
Digital Designer _


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With a little over 4 years of experience in the field of digital design and brand identity, I aim to create interfaces and identities that are both effective, interactive, and technology-driven. I’m passionate about creating design with a purpose, and building brands based on strategic research.
Graphic Designer  _


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A freshly graduated visual communicator (graphic designer) with an interest in branding, visual experimentation and command c, command v.

Junior Graphic Designer  _


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Newly graduated graphic designer, amateur photographer, and sometimes I illustrate too. In a committed relationship with Adobe Software Programs. Currently focusing on branding, editorial design and typography; both English and Arabic. If I'm not sitting on a desk designing something, you'll probably find me with my furry friends.
Junior Digital Designer  _


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I'm a designer, an artist at heart and a researcher; a firm believer in honest and purposeful creations and a documentation fanatic. I am a very active person who is easily adaptable to new contexts. My focus now is shifting towards design education and design research as gateways to more future advancements.
Moral Support Pup  _


I’m a cute high-maintenance puppy and I also double as a low-budget doorbell because I yell at everyone who knocks on the door.  I just eat treats at the studio.

Iconia_ 16 Mohammed Thaqeb_ 8th floor_ N812
Zamalek_ Cairo_ Egypt