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Azza Fahmy
x Kesmat

A collaboration between two masters of crafting hands. Their menu is enriched with the timeless ingredients of the land visible on the ancient Egyptian food offerings trays.

scope ___
launch campaign + illustration + animation

sector ___
food industry + ancient egypt + jewelry

Client -
Azza Fahmy
Lana | Vina | Nardine


They were often moulded to include a model of a house that are associated with tombs; Either very simple trays, Or trays with an extremely complex model of a house. Besides the house models there would also be actual food offerings or clay models of them. Scholars debated whether the main purpose was to depict house models or food offerings, however, all agreed that their main purpose was to showcase what typical houses of the time would have looked like

Gardens in ancient Egypt

est. 2018

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