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Azza Fahmy
The Revival

A modern take on the rich heritage of ancient Egyptian civilization, featuring stackable pieces in a dainty, sleek, simple design.
scope __

branding + launch campaign + naming + illustration +  animation +  shoot art direction

sector __

jewelry + ancient egypt

Client __
Azza Fahmy


Project Team 
Nada | Farida | Yasmine | Nardine | Nada Maghrabi
Photography - Bilo Hussein
Styling - Gehad Abdallah
MUA - Laurice Matta
Videography -  Christine Salib
Project Management
Hanaa Baghdadi | Salma Hosny | Miriam Habashi



Azza Fahmy Jewelry is an international design house that has created a luxury brand specialized in combining culture with art to create unique pieces.  

A constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life; The Revival Collection is adorned with Ancient Egyptian motifs that offered their wearers protection in their journeys through the 3 season of life: the flooding, the growing and the celebration of harvest.



“Ntsal is a team of talented, dedicated creatives who quickly understood the essence of our brand and who crack our briefs efficiently and deliver in a timely manner! In less than a year they became an extension of our communication team.”

Hanaa Baghdadi
Communications Manager 
Azza Fahmy

est. 2018

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